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Prints professional AWB labels with bar codes compliant with IATA resolution 606
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Jesper Hoy
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14 December 2006

Editor's review

AWB Label Pro is a professional label printing package which can print the label of your firm in your own office computer and can be printed in your own printer. It thus saves you lots of money and energy that you were spending while getting your labels printed from outside. This shareware application gives the IATA resolution 606 compliant label printings. The label printed with AWB label pro contains the required text, logo of your firm, and the barcode. Thus you can get the cheaper blank labels from the market and print them as per your requirements at your own computer. AWB Label Pro is compatible with all Windows compatible printers from the dot-matrix to thermal, inkjet or the latest laser printer. It can work on printers that are connected to individual computers or are in the LAN network.

The default configuration of this package is customized airline database. Thus it automatically checks AWB numbers for the valid digit checking. AWB pro is not completely automated but can be made one if configured with shipping software.

Publisher's description

Prints professional AWB labels with bar codes compliant with IATA resolution 606. It can be configured to work with any Windows compatible printer (local or networked) including laser, ink-jet, thermal and even dot-matrix. It prints all text, frames, bar code, and your logo so you can use inexpensive blank labels. It comes pre-configured with a customizable airline database, and automatically checks AWB numbers for valid check digits etc. For a more automated process, it can easily be integrated with existing shipping software.
AWB Label Pro
AWB Label Pro
Version 1.01
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